Hello there,

I'm Kari.  I have considered myself a seeker since early childhood. A seeker of truth with a capital T, I guess you would say. Once becoming a mother, it awakened a deep interest in how to care for my children and the Earth in a more environmentally intentional and healthy way. I began learning different ways to reduce our carbon footprint, what ingredients are in the products we used and the impact those things were making on both us and the Earth. I guess you could say that using essential oils in that process was the "gateway drug". Ha! Kind of like chickens are in the homesteading world, but that's another story for another day. Aromatherapy did it's work on my limbic system and that, combined with life's trials and tribulations sparked a deeper exploration.  Now I enjoy this journey of re-membering and holding space for others to do the same as well. I am a reiki practitioner, an energy worker, light language healer, intuitive, earth tender and being. 

Free Rooted-undeniably grounded in the truth of yourself, freeing you to soar!