I Say Hygge to that!

I Say Hygge to that!

I say Hygge to that!



There is a buzz word that’s been rolling around the Internets for the past couple of years. It’s called Hygge. I’ve seen it on Instagram and Facebook and I’ve even seen beautifully illustrated Hygge books in my favorite inspirational stroll through store, Anthropologie. I feel like it’s been pretty well explained, but if this is your first time encountering it, I’ll tell you how it’s been defined. Hygge, pronounced Hoo-guh is a Danish word that has no literal English translation, but means coziness, warmth, gentleness and kindness. Now, let me tell you why I think it is so important to women, espcially non-Danish women….okay American women, I am basically talking to you because I know you well. We have become such a ridiculously driven society. Where we are driving, I have not a clue. And I think you night not know anymore either. We are told all the ways to become more efficient to produce more, be a better employee, house manager, mom, friend and activist. And, as an added bonus {insert sarcasm here} if you own your own business, let’s take the frenetics to the next level. We actually PAY people to tell us all the ways to make ourselves a well-oiled machine of  production. You can essentially never sleep in order to be able to post on FB at just the right time to catch the maximum audience with minimum annoyance. You have to have THE perfect instagram worthy photos at all times and light and filter and hashtag your way through the world in order to stay worthy, relevant and engaging. Gaahhhh, I am exhuasted just writing about it. And, then let me tell you…. We feel like we can never be tired, sick, have a menstrual cycle get in our way, want to just play with our kids, or have a cup of coffee or tea with a friend. If we spend time doing any of these things, we suffer guilt because we cannot quantify the output. Feelings be darned, seasons be darned, Mother Nature be darned. I must produce! Am I resonating with anyone out there?


So I say HYGGE to that!


Think about it…. It’s winter, it gets dark by dinnertime, it’s cold out. It’s time to listen to your body and cozy up. Mother Nature is trying to take care of you. She’s trying to give you the cue to slow down, gather your thoughts, draw yourself in, tuck up tight. Stop fighting Her.  Imagine this…having a nice, hot bowl of nourishing soup for dinner. Then, making a fire if you are fortunate enough and snuggle up with yourself and your loved ones under a cozy, warm blankets. I envision lots of candlelight-beesax are my favorite. Tuck up with a good book to soothe your spirit with a story of another time and place. Read one to your kids, or snuggle near them while you all read. Take time to learn or practice a new skill like knitting or watercolors. Pour over gardening seed catalogs and sketch and plan for the spring. Enjoy a warm bath with Epsom salts and essential oils and slip on some super soft socks afterwards. Let yourself go to bed early. Do not feel guilty for nurturing yourself. You are resting, just like the rest of nature does in winter. Embrace your connection to the earth. You are like the fox and bear who burrow and hibernate in winter. Allow yourself to reflect and ponder deeply what you want to grow into, what you want to create, do and be when your hibernation is over and your spring rebirth comes. Do not fight the seasons and the moons and your own body. Work with them and see if you can begin to recognize the flow of your life and enjoy yourself. What is one thing will you try in order to practice Hygge once you banish the guilt of not producing?  I would love to hear about your experience!


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