Water is the Essential to Life

Water is the Essential to Life

   Water is Essential to Life


Here is the number one answer to almost every problem. Water. Feeling sluggish? You need to drink some water. Is your skin a hot mess? You need to drink water. Water is the essence of life. Our bodies are 75% water. We very often mistake being hungry for our thirst. Water is a conductor of energy. The more water you keep in your awesome body the better your energy will flow to boost your immune system and keep everythiing working as it should. It can help your memory, your joints, your immune system and your skin.


Becoming mindful and developing some good habits with water will help you become a very well being! “But I don’t like water”, I hear you saying. That’s okay. You will like it eventually. Fake it until you make it. If you need a boost at the beginning do what I do….. I like to mix things up and put Essential oils in my water to keep from getting bored. I only use this brand of oils for my water. Note: You can only drink water infused with essential oils out of glass or stainless steel. I love using a large stainless steel cup like a Yeti or it’s less expensive more effective cousin the Ozark Trail. It keeps it at a cool temperature for me for a very long time. Pick one easy habit to start. I drink 1 glass of lemon water first thing in the morning before my cup of coffee to get things going and flowing for the day. Sometimes I get fancy with my water. Especially in the summer time. I get some kind of sparkling water that comes in a glass bottle and add grapefruit essential oil. So refreshing on hot southern summer days!

Another aspect of water is the quality of water we are drinking. Water can help us heal our bodies naturally if it is pure! The best water purifier I have found is the Berkey water filtration system. It is gravity fed and requires no electricity (unlike my inferior fridge filter). It removes toxins such as inorganic fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals. And in a crisis situation, such as the natural disasters that have been occurring lately, it can be used to safely filter pond water. There are a variety of sizes to fit our needs. There is a small camping size, all the way up to a Crown Berkey which works for large families, churches, gyms, yoga studios etc. The size that works for my family is the Big Berkey, at 3.25 gallons that is perfect. You can find out more about Berkey’s here  or contact me for more information.

I challenge you to drink half of your body weight in water each day for 30 days and see if you don’t feel amazingly better! Let me know when you first started to notice a difference!


Be well ya’ll!

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